TalesFromRetail: $599 video game

Years ago I worked in a store that sold video games. This fun happened just after the first CoD: Black Ops came out.

I had recently been promoted, and had the ability to add new items into inventory with custom information/prices. So naturally I made a PS3 copy of black ops $599.99 instead of the regular $59.99. I put it seperate from the rest with many signs saying it was just a standard copy of the game, no extra stuff.

A lady came in a few days later, and wanted an hdmi cable. I asked if there was anything else she wanted and she went wild just picking out everything.

In the end she bought two game consoles, a tv, and dozens of games including the $600 game. Her bill was over 2k. When ringing her up i explained it was the same as the ones 1/10 the price, but she demanded it. I checked her id, and it matched the card.

It turns out her husband had just added her to his bank accounts, and she did not really grasp the value of money. He wanted us to refund all of it (and we would have) but she donated them to some random charity.

He was livid that we wouldn’t get anything back. Even tried charging it back through the bank, but we had video of the sale. We had to tresspass him from the store because he came back 3 or 4 times to shout at random employees.

By: fatty_fatty