TalesFromRetail: Are you in the wrong body?

First things first, this just happened and also I am on mobile so excuse any formatting issues. So, I work a summer job at a pool snack bar. Usually a lot of kids come through here and they don’t give the right amount of money always. Some of them are little and don’t know how much a nickel is worth but that makes sense.

So this customer comes in. We’ll have her be C, I’ll just be me. Me: Can I get you anything?

C: Yeah, I’d like a popsicle and pringles.

Me: Okay that will be $2.25

C: Okay (starts counting money)

Me: (Hands C her order)

C:How much was that again

Me:(Okay this is understandable) It’s $2.25

C: (Counts out 8 quarters and looks at me with a confused look.) How much is a quarter worth. (Note that this person looked like they were at least 12 and could have been older.)

Me: It’s 25¢

C: Okay,(Hands over 9 quarters) I hope this is the right amount.

Me: (To my coworker) How dumb are kids these days.

By: Lazorkiwi