TalesFromRetail: “Do you have them?”

Yet another re-tale from the shoes and leather goods store.

A customer came in this morning and she was quite ignorant with my co-worker, i.e. picking up a shoe and saying ‘get me that in a 39’ to her. So my co-worker went into the back to have a look and we didn’t have them. It’s a very popular style and we sell out of the popular sizes pretty quickly; especially now because they’re a really good summer style. Normally in these cases we offer to order them from the warehouse, or, failing that, see if a smaller store will send us a pair. She turned these options down.

But this woman wasn’t completely defeated. No. She was getting her shoes from us in that visit. So she said ‘oh fine then!’ and walked away from my co-worker and up to me to say

I was with your colleague but she doesn’t have these in a 39. Do you have them?

And that was when I had to explain to a customer that we only have one stockroom and not a stockroom each. She was not impressed.

By: Dheixis