TalesFromRetail: Finally someone is here to help me!

Hey everyone! This is really short. Been a bit since I was in retail. I currently work as a Deli helper at a temp job before my contract renews. I am helping the closer before I leave for the night. There is no one around so I am sweeping and putting the mats away. I roll up a may and place it in a cart to be moved away when all are together. I place the mat in the cart and turn around. There is a lady there who just showed up.

I walk over to her changing my gloves to help her

Lady: FINALLY! SOMEONE TO HELP ME! BEEN WAITING HERE FOR A WHILE (Saw her walk up literally 2 seconds ago)

I look up at her with no smile or expression and do not say a word to her.

Lady: ha…. I was only joking…. (said in a oh sh*t should not have said that voice)

Me: What can I get for you?

That’s it. Cheers.

By: Yukinoinu