TalesFromRetail: I KNOW You Sell It!!

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I work for a major retailer in the Midwest. Most of our stores all have different layouts and some carry more or less products but all general have the same. This happened a few years ago.

I’ve been at this job for about three years at the time so I know the backroom and Grocery department very well.

This lady comes up to me asking for this cereal.

The conversation went as follows:

Me = me | L = lady

L: excuse me I’m looking for this insert healthy cereal here

Me: I’m sorry but we don’t carry that here.

L: yeah you do! I’ve gotten it here many times before!

Me: I’ve never heard of that cereal before. Maybe you got it at one of our other stores…. (she cuts me off)

L: No. I ALWAYS shop at this store. I bought this here last week!!

Me: let me go ask another co-worker.

I go and ask my co-workers whose been here longer than I and he assures me we’ve never carried the product.

We go back and we explain we’ve never seen or heard of it before and she continues to think we’re lying to her and storms off mumbling “I’ll just find it myself!”

By: goingforward236