TalesFromRetail: “I want my $7 back!”

Hi, TFR! I used to post here on my other account (too much location information on that one though), but I got out of retail a few years ago. Now I’m back, and actually loving it! I work for a small local pet store that has a few locations in the same city.

So today I get a call from one of the other stores, giving me a heads up about a customer who wanted a refund for $7. I was working at the ‘main’ location today, and apparently this particular customer wanted to go over my coworker’s head to get a different answer elsewhere. Italics are things I thought about saying, but did not.

Crazy Customer: Umm, hi. I bought and opened a bag of treats, but my dog wouldn’t eat them so I brought them back. The girl at [smaller] store first had to get approval to even return them, and then told me I could only get store credit, not a refund.

Me: Yes, that is our store policy.

CC: That’s store policy?

Me: Yes. Why else would the girl there tell you that?

CC: But no one told me that before!

Me: There is a sign at every till explaining our policy.

CC: I’ve never seen that sign!


CC: But my dog wouldn’t even eat these treats

Me: Not my problem. Or the store’s problem. These are popular treats that lots of dogs love. We don’t normally accept opened treats for return, and we don’t ever do full refunds.

CC: Well why not?

Me: We’re a small local business, and if we accepted all returns or offered refunds, we would have to raise our prices or would go out of business.

CC: Well [local but not small store] does refunds!

Me: Our pricing is more competitive than [store].

CC: Well why hasn’t anyone ever told me that you don’t do refunds?

Me: Well, there is a sign at every till, but most people don’t return opened bags of treats I’d had enough by now and the sass came out

CC: People don’t normally return treats?

Me: No.

CC: Well what do people with picky dogs do when their dogs won’t eat treats?

Me: I have a picky dog, and I’ve donated treats to rescues before.

CC: Well it’s nice that you can afford to do that.

Me: Lady, I work at a pet store. If you think I make much more than minimum wage, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

CC: If I had known that I couldn’t get a refund, I wouldn’t have bought these treats. They were $7, and I’m not in a financial place to throw that away.

Me: You can use the store credit for anything else in store, including food.

CC: Well, I buy [expensive] dog food and [pricey] cat food from you, so I’ll use it, but that’s not the problem! I just think it’s so rude that you won’t give me my money back. From now on, I’ll only be buying food from you. I won’t be buying anything else at all!

Me: Alright. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

She actually kept me on the phone for a full 10 minutes, ranting and rambling and repeating herself. But you get the gist.

And then she called the smaller store back to say she was upset with how rude I was. Apparently suggesting she donate dog treats was rude.

By: rosesforshianna