TalesFromRetail: the service dog

this happened roughly a week or so ago.

i was working the front area of the produce department near the entrance of my store. i work for a relatively big chain and service animals are allowed inside so long as they don’t make a mess or attack people. this means you get a lot of customers that just bring their pets because it’s not our business to ask whether or not the animal is actually a service animal. most customers know this, except this lady apparently.

woman: very shrill tone “excuse me, miss! miss!”

me: “yes, ma’am, good morning. what can i do for you?”

woman: “i just wanted to let you know that this is my service dog.” points to a young puppy on her leash. the leash doesn’t say “service dog” and he’s clearly happy as a button mushroom.

me: yeah, that’s no service dog, but i don’t really care. “yes, ma’am. thank you for letting me know.”

woman: “he IS my service dog.”

me: i had already said okay at this point but okay crazy. “yes, we allow service animals here. thank you.”

she then walks off with the young puppy that is very clearly not a service dog as he begins to tug and pull her every which way, is noticeably untrained, and begins to urinate on a nearby clothing rack. i watch her shoot a dirty look at a customer that watched her dog pee on the rack.


i go about my business and watch our delightful maintence come and clean the mess. about 45mins to a hour goes by and i see her leaving. she looked just as irritated as when she came in.

the puppy then tangles her around the entry security polls and she spends a few minutes getting unwrapped, shooting dirty looks at everyone watching.

me: “have a good day, ma’am!”

she glared at me with enough force to make my sarcastic customer service smile a genuine one of delight at her embarrassment.

seriously though, if you’re going to try and pull something like that, lady, at least carry them so we don’t have to clean up your untrained puppy’s urine. even a trolley would have sufficed. also, maybe actually train your pet before doing something like this?

By: lambs_ear