TalesFromRetail: Three dimensions are too many.

So, in my department, we sell what’s known as cold patch. It’s a bag of asphalt patch that’s meant to go on the asphalt at ambient temperature. Really useful for DIY fixes of potholes in your driveway, or small potholes in the road.

Customer (on the phone): Hey, what’s the coverage on a single bag of your cold patch?

Me: Two square feet at a two inch depth.

Customer: But, how much can it cover?

Me: Two square feet at a two inch depth, or four square feet at a one inch depth. It’s not really recommended for anything shallower than that.

Customer: I don’t think you’re understanding me. I want to know how much of the surface of this pothole I have it will cover.

Me: I’m afraid I’m not understanding you. It’s a three dimensional object, so the coverage is based on the depth of the hole.

Customer: Oh… Well… Um… hangs up

By: PuddlesRex