TalesFromRetail: Ticket swapping at its finest

Today I had a guy trying to buy a $40 chair for $3 dollars. He brought up the chair and there was a ticket for $2.99 not even stuck well enough on there and not even big enough to cover the barcode underneath.

As I’m peeling the sticker off, he tries to play it off “Oh yeah… is that the price because of this”

And he points to this slightly imperfect seam on the edge of the seat…

He asks what the sticker was for and so I scanned it and tell it was for some board game thing. Thinking “Yeah, you probably knew that”.

He’s still trying to get this chair for 3 bucks and some change…. or playing dumb

I judge the nick in the seam and say “I can take 10% off but it makes it non-returnable”

He says “Never mind” and takes the chair back

Comes back later with a towel, probably just to buy something, said something along the lines of: now this is a better price, and went off on his way.

By: Galanube