TalesFromTheFrontDesk: HOW DO YOU NOT HEAR THAT?

Didn’t have time to type this up yesterday, but that’s when it happened.

Guy calls up at 4 am, says the room next to him is making a lot of noise, though he does not describe the noise. I inform him I’ll look into it. Well, the room he’s describing is currently out of order, but I run upstairs and check anyway. Everything is quiet. I heard absolutely nothing but the usual night time noises, so I figured whatever it was had stopped.

Twenty minutes later he calls down again, says the noise hasn’t stopped. I explained that I wasn’t able to find the source of the noise, the only thing I’d be able to do would be to move him to another room.

So guy comes down to the desk, looking sweaty and out of it, like he was on drugs or having a breakdown. He comes stomping into the lobby, saying he could hear the noise all the way down from his room to the desk. Well, if that had been the case then I certainly would have been able to hear it, but I heard nothing.

Dude had been staying for a few days up until that point and there weren’t any noises happening that hadn’t been there for the rest of his stay.

Dude looks ready to blow his top, but agrees to a new room. I put him in another room nice and far from the first in the hopes that it would save him from the imaginary noise.

Five minutes later, he’s back, still looking pissed, saying he doesn’t want to move his stuff after all.

Dude- How do you not hear that? Come on!

He gestures to me and storms out the back door.

I grab my collapsible baton from my bag, slip it in my back pocket and follow him outside.

Dude- You don’t hear that? HOW DO YOU NOT HEAR THAT?

Bran- I’m sorry, sir I don’t hear anything.

So I follow him around outside for a moment while he keeps stopping and listening for the noise and saying “There! That noise!” when no noise is happening.

Finally he throws up his hands and stomps back to his room and I didn’t hear from him for awhile.

At around 6 am he calls up again.

Dude- Okay, I figured it out. It’s definitely coming from the room below me!

Bran- Sir, there’s no one in that room.

Dude- WHAT?! slams the phone down

So 7 am rolls around and the AGM comes to relieve me because our AM guy quit without notice supposedly because his car broke down and he couldn’t afford to get it fixed.

I tell him about this guy.

AGM- Oh, him? He’s got a traumatic brain injury, so the noise is probably in his head.

Bran- This face

By: mstarrbrannigan