TalesFromTheFrontDesk: You want me to call corporate on you, huh?

Caller- Hi, can I speak to [name]

Bran- Can I get that person’s room number?

Caller- I don’t know it.

Bran- I’m sorry, but I can’t connect you to a room if you can’t give me the guest’s name and room number.

(Especially at three o’clock in the morning)

Caller- You want me to call corporate on you, huh?

Bran- I’m sorry?

Caller- That’s a damn lie, you want me to call corporate on you?

Bran- That’s not a lie ma’am; that’s policy.

Caller- Your manager is going to fire you for not doing your job.

Bran- Actually I am doing my job. I happen to be the Front Desk Manager, I’m pretty familiar with our policies.

Caller- Fine, you want me to call corporate and complain?

Bran- Ma’am, if you don’t know the room number I can’t connect you. That is our policy.

Caller- You’re lying, you’re just too lazy to look it up in the computer.

Bran- No ma’am, I’m doing my job.

Caller- I’m calling corporate

Bran- Okay. Have a good night.

Caller- Fuck you, lazy ass bitch.

Best part? I can’t even find who she was looking for in the computer anyway.

By: mstarrbrannigan