TalesFromThePharmacy: Finally getting the fuck out

After 7 years working in an independent pharmacy, it was bought out by Walgreens. Walgreens was civil enough in their takeover that it made financial sense for me to take their offer (I got to keep my wage and therefore was making more than their maximum amount for my position).

But corporate life was not for me. It was soul sucking. The arbitrary numbers we had to keep up with, constantly understaffed because of budget hours, not paying a decent enough wage to other techs to get them to stay, all the shit. And worse, in my opinion is the markup they put on cheap drugs and fuck their patients over.

So after almost 3 years, I put in my resignation today. I’m going back to work at an independent pharmacy.

Sorry for the shitpost, but I’m excited. I’m telling everybody.

By: HamsterBaiter