TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Just remembered one of my most ridiculous moments yet

Happened about two years ago when I was working for Papa Johns. I can’t remember if I took the delivery initially but I clearly remember what happened after. My manager had stopped me and asked me to go to the customers house (my delivery initially, or I was heading that way. Don’t remember.) apparently when they ordered they said no seasoning packets (for the thin) because someone in the house was allergic to it. Whoever took the order must have forgotten to tell the rest of us. Well, the customer called, irate. Wanted us to come and pick up the packets, and take them back. The store was terrified of getting bad reviews so the manager sent me on my way. I get there and the guy opens the door about 5 minutes later, frowning but doesn’t say a word. Just gives me the two little packets because he couldn’t be moved to throw them away himself.

Bonus story: before THAT I worked at another pizza place. I delivered a salad and a pizza and cheesesticks to an older lady just down the road. She called back before I even got back to the store, bitching about getting the wrong sauce. The receipt said ranch but really what she wanted was blue cheese or whatever. Okay… So I drive out there with the new sauce, get to the door, and she answers she’s absolutely pissed. There’s a young girl behind her with a forlorn look on her face. Older lady bitches while I give her the sauce, and hands me the sauce we originally gave her. It’s in a bag it didn’t come in, she’s all snooty at this point, tells me to do whatever with it, claims the cheese sticks didn’t have enough cheese on it and slams the door in my face.

By: Jaitzche