TalesFromThePizzaGuy: [Rant/Advice]Am I justified in my irritation or am I just being a bitch?(Or: A Drama of Expectations)

This is mostly dealing with some garbage that happened earlier this week and my boss’s response to it. It’s really months of frustration hitting a boiling point, though. I’ll break it up into 2 parts for convenience.


I’m the senior-most driver where I work, with over a 3 year tenure(christ). I enjoy my job, because I’m usually pretty good at it and I get to drive around listening to Slayer all day. I do basically everything besides making pizza and rolling dough, because we have dedicated people for that. I pride myself on trying not to be a moocher; I’m worthwhile to employ, beyond my job description and I follow the philosophy of making sure everything gets done properly outside of what’s specifically expected of me.

My boss is the owner(We’ll call him Ray), he’s there pretty much every day. Other than that, we usually have a cook and 2-4 drivers per shift. None of these people are a problem save a single driver that is a straight up leech(We’ll call him Peter). He fits descriptions of what others have complained about on this sub: only in it for tips, hounds the dispatch and memorizes what everyone tips, throws fits anytime things don’t go his way, straight up sabotages the store to try and get the best deliveries, does the bottom line with everything, refuses to do any closing work besides dishes and his lack of work is secured by the fact that he’s shitty to a point where you don’t want him doing it anyway. Peter’s saving grace is that he is fairly fast at delivery(he is only faster than my, because his fucking dad pays for a toll road pass for him, which shaves as much as 20 minutes off of a delivery under certain circumstances, this guy is like 33). Working with him is so draining that I remember every shift I’ve ever done alone with him, because they’re the only times I’ve considered just walking the fuck out.

Obviously I stand diametrically opposed to this Peter, because I give a shit about work ethic and he doesn’t. The kicker here is that he gets away with it, because society will always make room for moochers. My effort is rewarded with higher expectations, whereas he works to keep his expectations at rock bottom in every area save delivery. This is where my real issue begins: he doesn’t get reprimanded for fucking anything he does. Last week, he told a regular never to order again, because he was far and only tipped $3. Boss didn’t care. Few months back, he told off a customer and used a fake name(of a former driver, actually) to avoid anyone finding out. Boss didn’t care. Last year, he intentionally shorted a 13 year old kid change, so he’d get a tip and his parents noticed and complained. Boss didn’t care, covered for him, actually. The guy takes shots of vodka with one customer every time he delivers to him. Boss doesn’t know, but I can probably guess what wouldn’t happen if he found out.

Events of This Week

I do Monday and Tuesday with just Ray and one other driver(not Peter), so if it gets a little busy, things slow down very quickly. This Tuesday we were fairly slammed, both of us were taking triples all day. Somewhere around 7, I dispatch on a triple that included 2 in one city(Pink) and one out of the way in a different city(Green). The Pinks sandwiched the Green in the order, the Green was on the way to the Pinks direction wise. They were weekly customers and had an order close to $100, while the other 2 were pretty small. We were running behind anyway and I decided to do them out of order, delivering the Green first, then the Pinks after words. At most, it added 7 minutes(or so I thought) to the delivery time for the pink that was intended to be delivered first.

The result was the first pink losing his shit, calling my boss, yelling at me. His words: “Dude this pizza is an hour and a half late and your manager doesn’t give a shit, so I’m not gonna eat your fuckin’ pizza.” I walk down, flustered, call my boss: “You’re so stupid, it was supposed to go first and you took it last!”, which wasn’t true, but okay. Third delivery went fine. I was pissed that I was pinned for this, because all the orders were late, this guy ordered online(doesn’t give you proper delivery time), and I was put in a position where I either choose which customers to satisfy properly or play /r/maliciouscompliance and inefficiently take them in the dispatch order. Side note: Shit wasn’t even my fault. The guy orders online and his ticket sits there, not entered into the POS for at least 30 mins. I’ve been specifically complaining about this for months, it happens a lot and we finally had a cancellation due to it.

I wrote down my justification, because I didn’t feel like explaining it while we were both mad. Gave him the note and that’s the last that was said until today.

Today was a shitshow, Rey decided I’m not qualified to take triples at all. Took 2 extra hours to clear the dispatch. I’m normally off by 8:30, but today had me on until after 10 all to punish me(it’s true his punishment made me extra money, but he’s also aware that I don’t care about that). This is beyond me, because last week fucking Peter intentionally lost a customer, I do the same thing on accident and it’s not even my mistake and it’s the end of the world. I called him out on having a ridiculous double standard and all I got back was something about how he gave me extra chances when I was new. I became a better driver over time, Peter has been garbage since day one(in fact he’s been doing this shit for 10 years apparently) and he never changes his behavior. I make honest mistakes and he deliberately does stupid shit to benefit himself and sabotage everyone else. What it comes down to is that absolute flawlessness is expected of me, which I am totally fine with, but it’s endlessly frustrating to have the fucking free loader getting away with shit in front of me every day.

I know this post is probably drenched with bias, but I’m sure others have similar stories. I’m out of this place in a few months, when I’ll start posting my ravings on /r/talesfromtechsupport, but this summer is going to bleed my dry. I feel like shit. It fucking sucks, because I like my job and I respect my boss, but I have a really hard time reconciling this double standard garbage. I think it’s more of a philosophical thing, how do you deal with the fact that putting in more effort doesn’t actually gain you an advantage over the moocher? I think I hate myself less, but what’s that worth if I feel like this as an alternative?

TL;DR Get shit done overall and get treated with standards for my performance miles higher than another driver that does nothing at all and gets preferential treatment for being fast.

Edit1: Sorry for this godawful wall of text.

By: SpookyKid94