TalesFromThePizzaGuy: The Dogs of Delivery

One of my favorite parts of being a delivery driver is getting able to see all the dogs people have.

So we have this regular customer, Kaleb, at the place I work at, he orders multiple times a week and ALWAYS right before I’m about to leave, causing me to stay and delivery it. If anybody else were to order a pizza for delivery so late, I’d get pretty pissed, but this guy is pretty chill and doesn’t live that far from the restaurant so I usually don’t mind.

Anyway, Kaleb lives behind a chain link fence that never opens, so every interaction I’ve had with him had the fence between us. Every time I deliver to his place, his little brown chihuahua always runs up to the fence and starts barking at me followed by Kaleb yelling at the dog to “shut the fuck up.” I’ve never seen Kaleb with anybody else before besides his dog, I’m positive he has friends, but he only lives with his dog.

Earlier this week when I delivered to him, he showed up by the fence alone, without the dog. I greeted him, “Hey how’s it going, man?”

He says “what’s up” back, but shortly after he says, “My dog just got hit by a car, man”

I immediately gasp, and ask if the dog was okay, he then tells me he was found dead on the side of the road just two hours before. He told me that the dog is usually chained up, but somehow got out and escaped the fence.

Kaleb seemed really bummed, and every time I told him I was sorry he would reply, “It’s all good, man.” But you could tell that it wasn’t.

I never even pet the dog before, I didn’t even know the dog’s name, but it made me so sad that I almost cried. It was there every single time I delivered, but now it’s dead.

I wasn’t thinking at the time, but I really should have paid for his meal.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this experience that kinda fucked me up for a bit. Anybody else have stories about dogs they have encountered on deliveries?

By: ddmartz