TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Would you like the same thing you ordered last time?

Hi all, im on mobile so I apologize for any spelling or formating mistakes. This isnt a long story but it happened yesterday, wasn’t a bad customer, just stupid.

So me and the crew just finish up with the biggest rush we have had all summer when the phone rings. I was the only one near it that wasnt busy, so I answer it. I go through the spiel and get the customer’s info and when I get to the order screen I see his last order.

Me:“ Your last order was 1 large pepperoni, 2 large Italian sausages, and 1 large bacon, everything with ranch base.”

Cust:“ No im gunna order something else, your 4 pizzas for 8.99 each.”

Me:“ Alright sir (clears entire order) what can I get you?”

Cust: “I’d like 1 with Italian sausages, 1 pepperoni, wait make that 2 with Italian sausages, and a bacon pizza and all of them with ranch instead of red sauce.”


I read his order back to him, quote him the time, hang up and tell my coworkers about this idiot. Atleast he was nice.

By: Chafin123