TalesFromYourServer: Gnarly Email I Wrote To Boss Exploiting Immigrants and Stealing Tips w/ 18% Service Charge

I was just offered a full-time serving gig at another restaurant. Usually, I would give my 2 weeks and do the “right” thing. But the Club’s fiscal ethics are completely backwards from my perspective and you don’t deserve anything from me.

Judging from the overpriced food’s consistent traffic, the 18% service charge that goes straight to management’s pocket, and the amount of banquets being hosted; the upper echelon of the Club is making some serious bank. This is a subjection, but it seems like a logical assumption.

I have no problem with the disproportionate allocation of wealth, I’m not a communist. But empathy towards the customers and staff should still be a primary objective, don’t you agree?

It broke my heart hearing the Banquet servers tell me how many hours/other jobs they grind (60+ a week) to put a roof over their family and food on the table. How the hell are they supposed to not live in constant financial fear with a pathetic $10/hr post tax? It’s so depressing, and the Club doesn’t seem to give a shit.

You continue to steal their gratuity with the service charge and rationalize it with whatever lies you’ve convinced yourself to be real. Healthcare for the chefs? Taxes on the tips? What a joke, the food’s obscene inflation should be supply more than enough profit to address the fundamental’s of doing business. That’s how every single restaurant in the United States operates..

Last week, I stumbled across a Craigslist ad for a Banquet Captain and saw the pay was an $18/hr and a portion of the service charge. Alas, my assumption was correct. The money is being funneled to the top of the pyramid, completely avoiding the workers most integral to the business. Pathetic!

The motivation of this email doesn’t derive from anger, but rather empathy. It makes me sick to my stomach seeing the lower income Hispanic’s that comprise a majority of the workforce being exploited like there’s no tomorrow. I truly hope you and the rest of management can learn to listen to the conscience rather than the profit motive.

You probably won’t respond to this because of the validity in my criticisms and you most likely enjoy being ignorant, I sure as hell do.

I’ll be there to pick up my measly check on the 20th.


By: TitzMcgeeeee