TalesFromYourServer: Guy goes into an Italian restaurant and is *disappointed* that his server is not Italian

Female server here. I work at a trendy, upscale Italian restaurant.This happened last night.

Table of four sits in my sections, two guys, one girl and one business douche (BD).

Me: Hello, how is everyo-

BD: You don’t look Italian.

Me: Nothing gets past you fake server laugh I’m not.

BD: Well that disappoints me…

Me: I’m sorry my heritage isn’t to your liking (sarcastically), would you like me to find an Italian server for you?

BD: Well, no, but doesn’t that make you false advertising?

Me: Considering how I am not a product and I am not trying to sell myself to you, I would say no.

BD: silence.

Only girl at table: offers up a fistbump.

Other guy at table ends up taking the bill and tipping me 40%.

By: beryllium_sandwich