TalesFromYourServer: “How dare you”

Hey all, I’m new to Reddit and this is actually my first post!

While I have many stories of asshole customers (and awesome customers too) no asshole was as all around nasty as this jackass I had the misfortune of serving last summer. At the time, I was working in a tiny family owned pizzeria. It was a very casual place, servers could wear yoga pants and sneakers, but the menu featured a lot of home made traditional Italian dishes, so we’d get a wide range of customers from casual diners eating pizza slices to rich people coming in for the authentic Italian entrees. (Seriously I will never be able to say enough good things about the food there, despite what a cluster fuck working there was)

But enough background, on to the story.

On this particular hot summer day, the restaurant was slow and I was person working, besides the owner. It was about 3 in the afternoon, and the owner was getting ready to send me home. As I started my side work, the door opened and three people came in. A slimy-looking middle aged man (he had a shocking resemblance to Charlie’s creepy Uncle Jack in Sunny) and two older people who I’m pretty sure were his parents.

Since it had been slow all day, I was happy to take the table since I really wanted to make some extra money before going home. The owner greeted them and sat them down, while I filled a basket of bread for their table. When I went over to introduce myself, I immediately got a weird vibe from the table. The elderly couple wouldn’t talk or look up from their menus. The Uncle Jack look alike ordered a round of waters for the table, and proceeded to go on about needing REAL olive oil with his bread. (We give tables a blended olive oil with their bread and use the extra virgin for cooking.) I told him it shouldn’t be a problem and asked if there was anything else I could get for him at the moment and he said no. I gave him my typical smile and “I’ll go ahead and grab those drinks for you,” and turned away from the table.

I was about five steps away from the table when I hear the guy (hereby known as Uncle Jack, because that resemblance was all to real) yell “Diet coke too.” I turned back towards his table, approached him again and clarified the drink order, because I got the vibe that he was going to be difficult. Still smiling, I headed over to the beverage station to make their drinks.

As I put the drinks down on the table, I realized that Uncle Jack was glaring daggers at me. I quickly asked if everything was okay, and I shit you not, his lips pulled up from his teeth and he actually snarled at me.

“How dare you,” He crossed his arms over his chest as he spoke. “How dare you walk away from me when I speak to you. Who in the hell do you think you are?”

I was genuinely confused, and extremely uncomfortable. At no point did I turn my back to him while he was speaking to me, or leave the table without clarifying if they needed anything else. Sure, I had walked away from the table when this ass decided to order a diet coke AFTER I had had ordered the round of waters and said that would be all for them in terms of drinks. And when he had ordered it,I had gone back to the table and clarifying everything.

And he wasn’t done, he kept on ranting. “I can’t believe that you would walk away as I’m trying to order my drink. It’s entirely unacceptable. What is wrong with you?”

I pretty much just stared at him with my mouth opened as he berated me for being rude and “ruining” his experience, all the while glaring me down like I killed his family or something.

The old couple across to him still said nothing, I think that they were aware that he was crazy and couldn’t intervene because they were probably scared of him.

He finally pointed towards the kitchen and yelled “I will NOT be treated this way. I DEMAND another server.”

I turned and walked away from him without saying a word and went and got the owner. I was crying by this time and told her that she’d have to take the table. She later told me that he was rude and entitled throughout the course of the meal, and that he talked over the elderly couple whenever they tried to order for themselves.

I honestly don’t know what makes some people so nasty for no good reason, and I kind of think he must of had something going on mentally for him to talk to me like that and rage about something I didn’t do.

They came in a few times after that, and the owner always had to server them. When they’d come in, I’d stand on the other side of the room and just stare at him to try to make him uncomfortable.

Most of my costumers at that place were wonderful, but this guy was a nasty, entitled wack job. Some people are just weird, man.

By: Cabernet_Kitty