TalesFromYourServer: I just worked 16 straight hours straight on a sidewalk patio on the busiest corner in downtown Montreal for the Formula 1 grand prix today.

Let’s​ start off by saying I figured it would be a great idea to drink heavily the night before and get maybe 5 hours of drunk sleep. First table of the day is 4 early 40s dudes who were cool as hell who drank like savages. They immediately reconize my hung over face and proceed to by me a vodka redbull. I gladly accepted and they end up spending 500$ before the clock turned 3pm.

At one point 5 of the 8 tables I had ( a 6top, a 5 and 6 deuces) decide to pay at the same time. The first table I have pay keeps removing their credit card before the transaction went through ,so it takes forever to redo them over. We do separate checks here so I had 5 bills to do when I run out of paper on the terminal,( which we do at the table cuz it’s portible,), I get back with new paper when a blind man with a walking stick veers into the patio and starts runninging into me and the tables surrounding us. He then starts to panic because he thought he was on the sidewalk walking towards the live music stage that they set up in the street. I calm the man down and guide him to the crowd. It took me no less than a half an hour to cash all these tables up. Only then, to have entire section get up and leave at once.

I then immediately get filled up again , almost get into a fight with at table. Another table is giving me two nice glasses of wine. Most people where great, some were assholes, some people never left their house before and are really fucking dicks. The guys from my first table show up and sit in my section again, although 11 hours later, they get me a few more vodka red bulls.

Finally I have a few minutes to go for a smoke and I look up and it’s a full moon out. Explains a lot. All in all I sold 4000$ in sales today and we don’t pool tips so I get all my own tips.

I’m gonna take a nap now because I have to do this again later and Sunday. I hope I survive!

By: dbdskimp