TalesFromYourServer: Shoutout to the Lifers

Waiting and bartending ain’t easy. But we know that at the right place we can pay the bills. We’ve all worked with just about every type of person. Young to old. A lot of the young people in this industry are in school with a clear idea of who they’re gunna become. Good on them, if anything this post is envious of those young, promising examples of our future.

There’s also a lot of people in this industry because the job pays the bills and for whatever reason they can do it. They can handle the onslaught of emotional abuse. Perhaps their liver is worthy of a spot in the greek pantheon. Perhaps their family makes it worth the sacrifice. There might even exist some sick fuck who just loves people that much. Regardless of our motivations, I just want to put up my beer to those of us in the decade club. Props to you for still grabbing ice even though that little 18 year old tramp never grabs ice. Props to for running the guy-who-never-runs-anything’s food despite swearing at least 6 times you’d never run it again. Props for picking up that monday night for your hungover friend.

I need a beer, cheers.

By: corgibuttes