TalesFromYourServer: Suggestions on How to Get Sundays Off?

Of course, in the hospitality industry, a person is expected to work pretty much whenever. This is especially true for employees who are newer and at the bottom. I have no issues working holidays, nights or whenever. However, I really want Sundays off. My main reason is to watch the NFL games. As silly as this sounds, this will be my 20th season running a fantasy football league and is one of my few true hobbies.

I know that on the online application you need to put full availability or you will likely not even get a first interview.

However, what are some things I can say at the interview or at a job offer that may increase my chances of getting Sundays off?

I am not religious but I have talked to people who have gotten all Sundays off due to religious reasons and they are often told to not tell anyone about it. I feel weird lying though.

I know worst case, I may just have to wait until I work up to high enough seniority to choose my schedule.

By: joenorwood77