TalesFromYourServer: Upcharging people out of revenge >:)

I love upcharging out of revenge.

Everything was going wonderfully today. Nice and steady, good tips. But then you get those people. People you know are going to be difficult.

A different server was supposed to take the table, but he seemed a little behind so I was like hey I’ll help out with drinks. Cue the usual “your server will be right with you but can I get you started with something to drink”

First Lady: “Hot tea, 3 packets of black tea, water in the small pot, but not the cup (mind you the pot carries as much water as the cup so we fill both so they’ll have plenty but anyway), and 6-7 lemons as well as a water.”

me in my head: i didn’t bring my notebook Bc I didn’t think it was gonna be this complicated ahhh

Second lady: “decaf coffee, with creamer and a water as well”

Me in my head: okay I can handle that.

Second lady:“oh and do you have salsa? We won’t eat unless you have salsa”

Me:“yes we have salsa no worries”

The other server tells me to go ahead and take care of em, probably got a whiff of the complicatedness. I get the drinks, jokingly ask if everything is right, they nod, and order.

SL: “Make sure our skillets are very hot okay?”

Me: “okay no problem ”

FL: “It has to be hot”

Me: okay.

But then the lady makes an odd request. She wants a whole soup size bowl full of salsa. And she wants it microwaved. I tell them no problem. But the stupid salsa explodes all over the microwave, great. One more thing to deal with, but anyway. And they’ve requested so many extra things I’m like I should charge extra for something. I should’ve charged for a second tea, I mean this lady used 3 tea packets . But all I did was an upcharge for salsa. It was a shit tone after all. We usually only serve 1/16 of that TBQH. Only a 69¢ Upcharge tho. Thought I was being reasonable.

I bring the skillets, but the chicken breast side is still cooking, since they wanted the skillets pipping hot I brought them out.

Me: “okay heres the skillets and the chicken will come out in a minute or two guys”

“Where’s the chicken?”

“It’s still cooking ma’m it’ll be done soon don’t worry”

I bring them some things they needed, napkins, etc.

“Where’s my chicken?”

“I’m sorry. It’s still on the grill. It’ll come out any moment don’t worry” I say in my kindest voice.

They just seem annoyed. I bring out the chicken a minute or two later, and they eat with no complaint

I come around a couple of times to ask how things are, but they say fine and pay no further attention, so I just let them be. And eventually I drop off the checks.

Then they other server cashes them out while I’m doing some other things, because you have to bring it to the front.

Apparently they were all butt hurt about the upcharbe for salsa and said if they’re gonna charge extra she’ll just bring some from home next time.

Like lady you got a whole soup bowl of salsa for 69¢. You’re lucky I didn’t charge more.

Needless to say they didn’t tip. Oh what can I do.

By: RaspberrySodaPop