TalesFromYourServer: Which serving job should I take?

 Hey guys, I was wondering what some experienced servers would think of the situation I'm in. I'm currently a hostess at a chain restaurant, and I'm thinking of becoming a server there. I know the menu by doing to go, and I know the people well enough to get a feel for how the job might go. It can be stressful just being a host, so I think slowly becoming a server in a not so great restaurant might be a more comfortable transition. I was also thinking about maybe trying to become a server at a more upscale Italian place. I had an interview there go pretty well, but I have a lot of anxiety about starting over someplace new, and having to learn everything over again. I think the money would probably be better, but I'd probably also have to deal with more tables and more responsibilities. My anxiety can be pretty daunting, so I'm kinda stressed about this. What would you do in my position? What was your first serving job like? 

By: Hotdogwithablog