TalesFromTheFrontDesk: What a weekend

So it’s a sold out weekend sort of. I have 5 rooms left. We have an event in town and usually the last rooms on a busy weekend sell fast, but this weekend I’ve encountered more rate resistance than ever (a guy turned away a 159 from me, which isn’t bad, when his friend told him they know a place for $50 somewhere near downtown. I don’t even want to know what that place is like because that’s a terrifyingly low rate even on non-event weekends. A guest called to tell me they are having wifi issues they didn’t have yesterday and I’ve literally never been given any tools on how to deal with that (no support numbers or info on troubleshooting or resetting routers). Maintenance is not even here because our night maintenance has taken up a habit of not coming in on Saturday the last 2 months. No disciplinary action have been done against him and I don’t even know if management has talked to him or is just ignoring him because they shirk work as much as possible. I also wouldn’t trust him with computer problems, but maybe he would know how to reset them.

Now there’s this

I’m just done. Maintenance says his coming in 15 mins and he better because I am sure as hell not cleaning that up and I can’t even figure out how to turn it off (I’m afraid to unplug it).

I just want to go home and nap or play Wow all night. #sodone

Edit: He did come thank the hotel gods. And I feel like I sounded bitchy about cleaning, and I’ll just say I was mad and I was just calming down and thinking about how to even start when he got here and started doing it. This ice machine has been having issues like this on a small scale for a while and I feel like maintenance just say, seems fine now, and blows us off, which compounds my upset it got this bad.

By: AzureShell