TalesFromYourServer: Non-Server Tipping Question

This does not appear to be the correct sub, but I was unable to find a better sub to post this question. Please advise if there is a better place for this question, and I will remove this to post there!

I love reading all the stories here and the other Tales subreddits, and it definitely has made me a better customer. Having said that, I live in a state that pays servers Minimum wage (not servers wage, but actual minimum wage), which is $9.50/hr currently.

I am perfectly aware that minimum wage sucks to live on, as I used to do it too, although not as a server. However, I find myself tipping slightly less here in my home state then I do when I cross state lines into states where servers earned tipped wage (~$2-3/hr). (Talking closer to 15% here, but 20+% elsewhere, depending on service).

Do you guys find yourself expecting a difference in tips depending on your base wage? Or would you if you made minimum vs tipped wage?

I would never not tip, but wondering if I’ve made a mistake historically tipping less, as I know I’m paying an actual tip not making up for the lack of minimum wage

By: IDidWhatYesterday