TalesFromYourServer: Ziosk question/rant

I work at a chain bbq restaurant that uses Ziosks for cashing out. I’ll forgo the explanation of what Ziosks are with the assumption that this is a pretty prevalent piece of technology these days.

I was warned a few weeks ago and written up today by my FOH manager (who was threatened with termination if he didn’t write up servers with unsatisfactory scores AND fire one of those servers to “make an example out of them” – this won’t be me because my value as a 3-year vet/strong server/trainer/someone who busts ass for the place is acknowledged) because I did not have enough Ziosk surveys in the last month and the ones I did have were not all “Strongly Agree” surveys. For reference – the survey has 8-9 questions, many of which are questions about food quality and temperature, and if a guest selects anything other than “Strongly Agree” (even “Agree”) the survey score drops from 100% to 50%.

In my defense: my section is often in the high-top tables – only 6/10 of these tables have assigned Ziosks (all of the dining room tables have them) I’m also often on the patio which has no Ziosks at all, meaning I HAVE to run credit cards the old fashioned way. I only work some Th, and always work Fri-Sun nights when we’re the busiest and therefore when the kitchen fucks up the most. I also took off a weekend within the past month for a vacation, meaning no survey opportunity.

Where I may have fucked up: if it’s a party with split checks or a table in deep conversation, I run the cards myself. The Ziosk, I feel, is intrusive and inconvenient always and especially in those situations. I also feeling like begging for a “Strongly Agree” survey, taking the Ziosk off a dissatisfied table, or taking it out of their hands after they’ve paid and filling the survey out myself (management is FINE with all of these things!!!) makes me look desperate and weird.

I know I have to just suck it up and ask tables for good scores if I want to keep my job. And I will. But still.

Servers at restaurants with Ziosks, how do you deal?! I HATE them and they’re really making me want to put in apps elsewhere. At Ziosk-free restaurants.

By: akw992