TalesFromRetail: I actually close in one minute…

I think you all see where this is going. A year or so ago I worked at a major swimming pool retailer in a particularly shady part of town. The location was not glorious, and the type of people you saw outside the doors were generally unfavorable. Given this, although we usually only got true customers in the store, they were also typically unfavorable.

So one night I was working until close by myself. This was obviously a stressful time simply because I’m an 18 year old working until 9 in a shady part of town, and on top of that I would have to make a $3k+ bank deposit. At 8:59 I’m eager to close up and get the hell out of there when a customer walks in. Per company rules, we cannot lock the front door until both registers read 9pm (one is 15-20 seconds behind the other).

So this man walks in with his son and asks me when we close (like it’s not printed on the door). After a second or two of thought I say “well I actually closed about ten seconds ago but that’s alright, I enjoy this job so I’ll gladly help you”. And it’s true, I did love my job and I had no problem helping the man. Fifteen minutes later he leaves with his problem solved and his kid has a toy. Can’t think of a better reason to stay late and get paid than that.

Also I have to apologize for my writing because I’m not terribly good at it. I just figured that with this new influx of nice customers I figured I’d share a story about a nice employee.

By: QuiveryNut