TalesFromRetail: Lady doesn’t know how weight works.

TL;DR I give a lady the exact price she asks for.

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This happened well over 6 years ago, so what was said may be somewhat paraphrased. I had worked at a small chain lumber yard for over 6 years.

I was fairly flexible and versatile, so had and still did about every job available.
I drove delivery trucks, loaded vehicles in the yard, and ran registers. I also had some flexibility on pricing. This was mainly used to adjust margins for contractors when they bought an entire house of materials at a time.

Now, we had no official price matching policy, but since prices were not set in stone we did what we could to work with the customer.

CL = Confused Lady

Me = Me

The Man = Manager

CL approaches the register and asks:

CL: Do you match prices?

Me: We try to, but can’t guarantee it. What do you have for me?

She presents me an ad from Local Big Box DIY Store and points to an ad selling bags of concrete for around $2.50. We sold 40lb bags at 1.75 and 80lb bags at $3.25. Our cost for the 80lb was somewhere around 2.80? I was momentarily surprised at the price until I notice the fine print. The ad was for 60lb bags.

Me: How many do you need?

CL: 4 I think.

I do the math real quick and realize ours is cheaper by default.

Me: Easy to do.

I ring her out for 3 big bags and hand her the ticket to take out back and get loaded. She takes 2 steps from the register and stops, momentarily reading the ticket and spinning on her heal quickly, yelling before she even comes back to the register.

CL: This isn’t what I ordered!

Me: It is. By weight its…

CL: And it’s more expensive! I said I needed 4 bags! And you said you could match the add! This is WAY more! If my husband was here you wouldn’t try to pull this S#!t!

Me: But, you see, by weight its…

CL: No!

Me: By pound it’s..

CL: Give me what I ordered or get me your manager.

Now, my manager was standing directly beside me at the other register. I catch him smirk out of the corner of my eye and he steps up next to me.

The Man: I’m the manager Ma’am. (and then to me) You heard her. You said we’d match the price and that is what we’ll do.

He then points at my screen. Specifically, at the 40lb bags of concrete that normally ring up 1.99.

Me as I return and re-ring the ticket: Yes sir. Sorry about that ma’am. My mistake.

You have no idea how hard I was fighting to keep a smile off my face. I ring her up for her 4 bags of concrete, the 40lb bags, exactly matching the ad’s $2.50 price and hand her the ticket. She snatches it and leaves without a word.

A good chuckle was had by all.

By: Squirrelonastik