TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Gave a Little Girl a Birthday Gift

So a little backstory, our hotel is only a 2 star hotel. It’s pretty nice compared to others in the area and a lot nicer than any motel in the area. That being said, it’s still within a reasonable price for most people.

We tend to get families and contracted builders/painters staying for extended periods of time because we have a monthly rate.

so I’m getting ready to leave for work and my coworker I’m relieving of duty texts me up asking a rather odd question, “Can you stop by the store on the way and pick up a pack of cupcakes?”

I’m obviously confused because my coworkers never text me about non-work related things.

She then tells me that it’s a little girls’ birthday and the parents don’t have enough money to get her a present.

The family probably doesn’t have the money to actually rent a house, so they were staying at our hotel (although, It’s about twice as much as me and my roommates pay to stay at our hotel, but idk exactly what their situation is).

She told me that the girl was looking so sad because she didn’t get anything on her birthday.

Well, I tell her that I don’t have any money in my account (grand total of $3, and my bank is closed on the weekends, so I couldn’t deposit my check yet) but I could bring a bag of lollipops that I had at my house.

So, fast forward to me getting there. I give my coworker the bag and she takes it to the room with the note saying “Happy birthday [name]! From, the staff @ [hotel]”

My coworker thanks me about a dozen times and tells me again how sad the little girl was looking before.

It felt great that I made her day and I got brownie points from my cute coworker at the same time 🙂

By: TheBlackFlame161