TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?


OTA: So we have spoken with personanondata at your hotel and he authorized a cancellation and refund for Mr. Guest. We sent you an email confirming this and are calling to inquire when Guest may see the refund?

ME: Uh-huh. (Looking up reservation and email) And so you spoke with personanondata yourself?

OTA: Yes, I did, and he did authorize the refund.

ME: And the time on the email you’ve sent is accurate as to the time of the call when this refund was authorized?

OTA: Yes, whatever time is listed on your email is when I called and spoke to him. When may we see refund to the guest, please?

ME: Well, there are several problems with this. Firstly – personanondata is female, not male, so if you did in fact speak to someone, it was not her and we do require a manager’s approval for refunds on prepaid reservations.

OTA: …

ME: Secondly, the time when this would have happened is 7:30 pm our time and she would have been nowhere near the hotel at that time for you to have spoken with her.

OTA: This is a (different) time zone.

ME: Yes, it lists the time zone and converted to our time zone it is 7:30 pm – on her days off.

OTA: …

ME: And lastly, I am personanondata and I know for a fact that I did not approve a cancellation at no charge for Mr. Guest.

By: personanondata