TalesFromYourServer: A Regular Asshole

New to this sub, but I have a good one. I have been working at a local bar and grill for the last seven years. I live in a rural, small private community that is at least a 20-30 minute drive from any sort of a town. During summer months our population doubles due to a private lake being here, but on average there are roughly 250 people that live here year round.

As we are the only business around, you get to know your locals and regulars very well. I can generally have their drink ready and at their usual spot before they’re even seated.

I am usually the only one on my shift which means being the bartender, waitress, bouncer and cook regularly. 99% of the time people recognize and understand that if we’re busier than usual, they may have to wait a few minutes for another drink. Not a big deal. Except one.

This man is loud, boisterous and generally pretty obnoxious but is friends with many other regulars and seems to enjoy his time with his ‘pals’ as he calls them. He drinks his beers so quickly (maybe 5 mins tops) and would wave around or bang his empty beer can on the bar until you got him another. You barely have time to take care of anyone else during this and he was there 5-6 days a week for hours on end. Spent good money and was treated well despite his childish behavior.

Here’s the kicker. He doesn’t believe anyone deserves tips, but he still expects to be treated like the best tipper in the house. One night, I was particularly busy and on my own. I wasn’t worried as a coworker was in with her family and had offered to jump in if I needed help. He was trashed and starting to slur and get very loud and bully. I was fed up with him banging his empty on the bar and told him he’d have to wait a minute as I had 2 people ahead of him. He lost his shit saying “I spend a lot of money in here and if I want a cold beer, you need to bring it now!” I repeated myself and that it would be just a minute. After a few more disrespectful comments that he thinks are hilarious, I turned and told him that if he was going to continue to act that way I’d cut him off as he was clearly too intoxicated to be courteous.

Oh boy. He goes on a rant. Again about being a regular spending a lot of money. At that point, I’d had it. I turned and said “There are lots of regulars here, but they at least tip me.” The bar erupts into laughter because he is extremely vocal about his disbelief in tipping. He calls me every name he can think of so I told him he had to leave for the night. Didn’t kick him out for good, just for the night. He tells me he’s not leaving until he finishes his beer that was supposedly empty. He puts it up to his mouth, takes a drink and when he sets it down I grab the half full can and chuck it in the recycling. He then reaches into his pocket, grabs a handful of quarters and throws them at me. Now he’s banned for good and I got more in tips from him that night than ever before.

By: Mina111406