talesfromcallcenters: Justice is served (for me)

So I send technicians out to do repairs on faulty machines. Venue calls up, “blah blah and this and that is wrong, can you get some one out here to fix it please?” no worries, standard stuff.

This one venue though. The lady is always rude as anything. Without fail. Never let’s any of us CSR finish our small call speel. Never uses manners. Yells a lot. Lies about faults to make the technicians come out quicker. No one likes dealing with her. Techs hate her.

She rang up this morning. Called in a fault yesterday that apparently no one came out and attended. Called me stupid and useless. “GET SOMEONE OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!”

I did some research and the fault she was upset about, had been phone fixed by the Tech yesterday and signed off by her via email.

I call the Tech and explain the situation and ask him to give her a call and get back to me if I need to log a new call out job.

He Rings back 10 minutes later, laughing his arse off. She got really angry with him apparently saying he was lazy and Incompetent. He asked her to find the remote for the TV that was faulting and turn it on.

It worked.

He then instructed her that before calling and “being rude to the team members in the call centre” to try the basic troubleshooting techniques (which is a small booklet given to each venue upon install of our products).

She was apparent quite embarrassed.

That technician is now my hero.

By: bumcrumble