TalesFromRetail: I don’t get it…

Hey guys. So here I am again to bring you another story about being a grocery store cashier. You know those customers that joke with you and you have either heard it before or you just don’t get it and they get mad at you for not laughing. This is one of those stories. For the record I am a bit socially awkward.

I was giving my register it’s regular cleaning, and a guy comes up to the till with a bunch of bananas. He will henceforth be known as Banana Man (BM).

Me: Hi there! How are you today?

BM: Is this for here or to go?

Me: I’m sorry?

BM: Is this for here or to go?!

Me: I am not sure I understand…

BM: Ah, just forget it! (He stomps away and leaves)

Did I miss something?

By: GodlyIntegral