TalesFromRetail: Shelf disassembler

Yesterday I had one of those people. Let’s call her Margery. Margery came in on Sunday morning to have a browse. She found what she was looking for fairly quickly, some sugar-free cookies we’ve only recently started stocking. For some reason, though, she wasn’t happy with the packet at the front of the shelf. Or the one behind it. Those she did not want, she instead moved to a different shelf to put them out of the way while she searched for a box of cookies she did want. Then she did the same thing with the flavour next to the first.

In the end, Margery bought two of each of these two flavours, and off she went. Without returning the moved boxes of cookies to their original shelf. It was all a mess, one flavour stacked in front of another, boxes on another shelf on top of packets of sweets in the same brand, and a second shelving unit where other items from that brand had been rifled through and moved around during her visit.

It took me longer to tidy up the shelves after Margery than she had been in the shop. There was nothing wrong with the moved boxes, no dents or anything, and they all had the exact same date on because they came from the same delivery. There was nothing different between the boxes she bought and the ones she moved, besides that she additionally moved several other flavours too.

By: chilari