TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Have you seen her?

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Once upon a time there was a night auditor and a guest.

The guest was in town to host one of his many charity events that he loved to explain in great detail time in time again, to everyone he met. And when he drank, which was frequently, he’d forget whom he already explained all this to.

So around 2am, he saunters up to this poor auditor whose just trying to get the paperwork in order. He asks if he’s seen his fiancée, but even after the auditor answers “No, not since you came by 4 hours ago…” he continued to explain how wonderful she was and how she was the light of his life that he met 6 months ago.

Cut to 30 minutes later, he can’t get her on the phone and can’t find her, he gives the auditor his number and says yo call if she turns up. He then takes to the streets in search of his perfect bride to be.

He calls the hotel every 10 minutes to check in, confirm she has not been sighted here, and to explain how no creature on this earth can compare to her radiance.

He returns at 6am saying he has to go to bed, he has denied multiple times to call the police, and will check again when he wakes.

The auditor’s night was in shambles and with heavy head continued the monotony of his tasks.

It was later discovered that she had taken a large sum of money and fled two towns over…

By: WookieWill