TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Venting At A BS Review

My manager always passes the reviews we get from guests to the people that are mentioned, good and bad. If they are good they come with encouraging messages, but if they are poor he requests any information we can pass along so he can follow up with the guest personally. If he thinks it is needed he will give some feedback and advice of his own.

I am the concierge, and one day I came in already having a bit of a stressful morning. Like always, the first thing I did was open up my email and right in the middle of the stack of unread emails is one from my manager. “Caleb, let’s talk about this,” it says above the review where the concierge service is given a 1 out of 10 score. In the comments it mentions only that I wasn’t very helpful and that I passed along bad information.

I look at the guest information, I look up their reservation, and nothing is reminding me about who these people are. I don’t have anything in my logs about them, no emails, and no notes anywhere that helps me figure out what they had talked to me about. So I tell my manager, face to face, that I don’t know anything more than he does, but that I am very concerned about this. Helping people have the best adventure in the area is my number one concern at the job, and I feel bad when I can’t make that happen. He assures me that he will call and email the guest to follow up with them and let me know what their response is.

A few days later I have an email from my manager about it. I’ve been stressing out about this off and on, because I would have had to have done something major to get a 1 out of 10, right?

He points out that the guest’s response held “not much substance”.

Paraphrasing the response: I called before our trip about rental cars and the concierge wasn’t helpful. I rented a car online when he couldn’t help me. He also wasn’t in when I dropped by for help, and was told it was his day off. He should have been there to help me get a local’s point of view of the area.

Wait, so I stress out for days over this because I had a day off and couldn’t assist with a car rental? I don’t know what she even means in regards to the rental car. I have all the information they need at my finger tips, and if there was any issue it would have been with the rental companies. Just because there is a possibility that I’m at fault over the car I’ll give them that one, but bashing me because I have a day off? I’m sorry, but I get to spend time with my family too. Also, the front desk is full of great people who can help in my absence.

I told my manager that I’ll tighten up the rental information and do what I can to improve on that area, but imo this review is bs.

By: CalebTGordan