TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Prank call gone too far.

So I was closing manager on a Friday (we close at 2am on weekends) and around 12:30, maybe 1am we receive the phone call for what seemed to be an order for a Large thin pepperoni for delivery. The insider was having a hard time hearing the customer, but was able to receive the order they wanted but could not hear them when he asked for their address. He then turns to me and asks me to take the phone call.

Here’s how the wonderful conversation went:

Me: “This is TheJediPikachu, the manager, I’m just going to ask for your address then your pizza will be on it’s way.”

Them: “why am I talking to the manager?”

Me: “our customer service rep couldn’t understand you so he asked for me to take the phone call. ”

Them: “ok well I want my fucking pizza. ”

Me: “Ok sir, I just need your address”

Them: “It’s 5946 incoherency

Me: “ok sir, do you possibly have another line you could call from? It seems your phone service is going in and out”

Them: “well that’s what I’m going to do to your pussy tonight!”

Me being a 5’2" female, I absolutely lost it.

Me: “Excuse me sir, you do not talk to me or anyone like that! How dare you.”

Which then went on a back and forth that eventually ended with them asking for boneless pizza and me saying “if you ever call or order here again, the police will be notified” and I hung up.

Prank calls can be great, but at 1am and threatening to sexually assault the person on the phone? It’s time to stop.

They didn’t even dial *67 so they are now blacklisted.

By: TheJediPikachu