TalesFromYourServer: A’POS’calypse

So, I walk into my night shift to a bunch of panic stricken servers. Some time during the day our POS went down. Our floor was split between 6 servers and a bartender. Sunday nights are steady, not usually overwhelming.

I’m sure for some of you this is no big deal. I don’t imagine every restaurant has a touch screen POS. It wasn’t a big deal for me either. Just a little time consuming and some simple math. We had to run credit cards through a primitive carbon paper deal and call in the totals.

I didn’t think it was that huge of a deal myself. A mild annoyance, yes. My tables were cool about it. I let them all know up front what was going on, and that things were taking a little longer than usual.

The most trying part of the night was that half of the servers were in meltdown mode. One had a temper. One lacked a brain. The other one kind of had a temper and somewhat lacked a brain.

The kitchen hated it. I felt terrible for them. Is it really that hard to take the extra minute to write out everything clearly? I have chicken scratch when I’m writing for my eyes only, but writing things clearly for them was effortless and made my night so much smoother.

Mad props to anyone here who does this on a nightly basis.

By: Olffrick