TalesFromYourServer: I think I’m being underpaid, looking for your guys’ opinion as I haven’t been in the industry long

So I’ve been working as a host/server/bartender (been promoted pretty quickly, this is my first restaurant) for a year now. A month or so ago I got asked to be the floor manager (owner is FOH manager) and I agreed but only got a $0.50/hr raise. So not only do I manage things during service and do a couple other management type things outside of service hours, I still am on the schedule as a server 5 shifts a week. So I’m doing all of the duties a regular server would do, plus extra “management” stuff. While I don’t do any scheduling/payroll/cost-analysis, I do a lot of extra cleaning, customer service, our social media, inventory, managing staff issues, etc. I realize now how much I am doing and am wondering if an extra $0.50/hr is a fair wage to be paid? Everyone I work with that I’ve talked to about this thinks I deserve more (I’m at a small upscale casual dinner restaurant in NY, my wage is $8/hr vs minimum $7.50/hr if that matters). What do you guys think? Thanks!

By: poopysquatch