talesfromcallcenters: My favourite part of a call.

No matter where we are in the world of call centres. We will all have experienced this. And it truely is my favourite thing that happens when we have a call.

What is it i hear you cry? Is it when we get a customer who is polite and curtious all the way through? Is it the one who calls back to say they want your manager to know how amazing you are? Nope… its when you’ve just shattered all their hopes and dreams by following policy and procedure and they think they have hung up, and then go on to slag you off not realising you can hear.

I had this very thing this evening. I’m there. The lines are dead. My will to live slowly declining with the boredom when I had a lady come through on the phone. I wont bore you with details but long story short i work in central reservations for a hotel chain. We do all their bookings but some things we cant book. It needs to be done via the hotel. Its very rare you come through to us and we cant help you in some way. This lady came through on the phones half an hour before our lines close for the evening

Me: oh! Im sorry but this is something that has to be dealt with directly through the hotel and unfortunately the people your needing has gone home for the evening

FL: but… i want it sorting now cant you do it?

Me: no im sorry. I dont have access to the diary your needing. So your not passed around trying to get through to the right line i will give you their direct number now and if you want to ring first thing in the morning someone will be able to help you then

FL: FINE!! but i think this is stupid. You should be able to help me! I want it booking for tomorrow!

Me: im sorry for the inconvience. The number you need is 01234 567890. If you press option 1 that will take you directly through

FL: thanks! Bye!! (FL thinks shes hung up on me and to someone in the background) fucking bitch. Whats the fucking point in that line if they cant help me

Me: we are here because we deal with….

FL: shit (hears shuffling and eventually a dead line)

I shouldnt have spoilt my own fun and listened in for a little longer but i couldnt resist

By: guylianrabbit