talesfromcallcenters: Thank you, whoever were you!

I do not work in a call center but I want to say thank you to whoever took my call at the big red cell carrier this afternoon.

I sent an alliterative text to my new husband 3 days ago regarding a sweet wedding gift from my coworkers. Today I received a well worded reply with the entire text in quotation marks and the statement that it had made him laugh. Well, I love my husband but his replies are one word and not always spelled well and he forgets punctuation. My alarm bells went off instantly. I waited awhile and texted my husband after lunch, stating that he was more wordy than usual. He was confused, needless to say. Once I was home from work, I double checked with him and his phone and no he hadn’t sent the text.

I called Big Red Carrier’s customer service line and someone in their call center was very sweet and made me feel immensely better. He changed my husband’s number and waived the fee. I don’t remember his name and I wasn’t given an exit interview so I came here in the off-chance he might see this. I was thrown off and definitely scared by this strange situation but his calmness and kindness made me feel better. So whoever you are, thanks for helping me out. You made a scary situation much less so.

By: kat_oo7