TalesFromRetail: A Surprisingly Happy Ending

Long time lurker, first time poster, on mobile so pardon formatting, yada yada yada.

I work as a cashier at a store that sells all sorts of miscellaneous things such as clothes, electronics, toys, and even furniture. This all went down earlier today. There will be three main characters. I will be me, kind customer will be KC, phone lady will be PL.

So I take KC at my register (there’s one big line, and customers are called to whatever register is available) and she’s buying a couple wallets and some purses, nothing crazy. But as we are going through the transaction, PL walks up next to my register. Now, I’m at the register next to one of our entrances, and it constantly receives customers that need an answer quickly. So, I usually stop what I’m doing to quickly help them (since I find it awkward for someone to just stand and stare as I am working with someone else). And, since I recognize PL as a person I had taken care of earlier, I thought it’d be best to help her first in case she was in a bad mood.

Me- (To PL) “How can I help you?”

PL- “Have you seen a phone here?”

(KC and I look around the register. And I know all too well that this usually doesn’t end well for the customer. This is mostly because this is a huge store with hundreds of customers shopping here each day.)

Me- “Sorry, it doesn’t look like it’s here. Are you sure you lost it in this store?”

PL- “Yes. I went to my car after shopping here to take my phone out and it wasn’t there. So I hope it’s in here.”

Me- “What does it look like?”

PL- “It’s a silver one that’s sorta skinny. I think it’s an Apple.”

(Oh you poor soul. That is not going to be helpful.)

Me- “I’m sorry to say, but it could be a while until it’s found. Would you like to leave a name and number in case we find it?”

KC- “Actually, would you like to use my phone to call it?”

(PL and I were dumbfounded at this point. Where I live, it’s not exactly common to hand a complete stranger your $300 just to try and find another phone.)

PL- “Oh no, I couldn’t do that! I’ll just look around the store.”

KC- “Please, feel free to use it. Losing your phone is terrible and it’d be so much faster to find it by calling it.”

PL- (Still shocked) “Are you sure it’s okay?”

KC- “Of course! Anything I can do to help!”

(PL takes KC’s phone and taps in her number. We all stand in silence waiting to hear something.)

Me- “Is it on vibrate or is there an actual ring tone?”

PL- “No, it’s not on vibrate, it plays a song when it’s called.”

(We wait a little longer, but we still don’t hear it.)

KC- “Well why don’t you walk around the store while I finish up here? I can meet you at the entrance in the next five minutes while you try to find it.”

(This lady is a saint!)

PL- “Are you sure? I don’t want to be a bother…”

KC- “No no, go ahead! I’ll be a while anyways.”

(PL hesitantly walks away and keeps calling her phone. I continue some more with KC’s transaction, thanking her and praising her for being so kind.)

KC- “I actually just got back from California and everyone there is just so nice! Workers, customers, everyday people, everyone! I thought I might bring some of that friendliness back here.”

Me- “Well that’s a great philosophy to follow!”

(Precious cinnamon roll, may you be blessed with much happiness. Anyways, a few moments later, before the transaction is even finished, PL returns to my register.)

PL- “Couldn’t find it. I guess I’ll leave my name and number.”

KC- “Are you sure you don’t want too keep looking? I’m in no rush.”

PL- “No, I really should get going, thanks for-”

(Before PL could finish, we suddenly hear a loud ring tone. We all swing our heads to see a man holding an old iPhone.)

Man- “Is this anyone’s…”

(I hold out my hand, motioning him to give it to me. He does and we confirm that it’s PL’s phone! All three of us repeatedly thanked him to the point where he walked away feeling awkward from all the praise. PL gives KC her phone back.)

PL- “Thank you so much for letting me use this! Here, I’ll give you my card!”

(She hands KC and I a large business card.)

PL- “If you ever need anything, call me! I’ll give you a 50% discount on anything! I’ll give you the best girl’s night out ever.”

(As it turns out, PL runs some sort of business that gives make overs to women and generally helps give them confidence. Pretty neat stuff.)

KC- “Thank you! It was my pleasure to help. I’m happy to see everything worked out in the end. I’m [name] by the way.”

PL- “Oh yeah, I’m [name]! Nice to meet you! And thank you ArcticKingFisher for all your help!”

(I didn’t really do anything, but thanks!)

Me- “Of course! It’s always great when things work out in the end!”

(PL left and I finished KC’s transaction without a hitch. Faith in humanity has been restored! Today was my favorite day in retail ever!)

By: ArcticKingFisher