TalesFromRetail: Confused on the line

(This was my first weird phone call and I’ve been in retail for 4 years)

Today, I received an outside call that just says ‘anonymous’. So I answer “hello (grocery store) electronics department, how may I help you?”. I hear a raspy old lady reply “do y’all have toilet paper?”. Confused I answer “uh.. yep.. that’s located in the grocery side of the store, there’s a lot of different brands and types..”. “Can y’all bring me some?” She says in a panicky voice. “I’m sorry, we don’t do home delivery..”. A moment of pause “oh I’m sorry! Can you stay on the line, I don’t want to lose anyone again!” I make an awkward sad chuckle, not really sure what to say, but there’s a long pause and she hasn’t replied, I check the phone and she’s hung up on me. Alrighty then. Not really sure what to think here, besides that I hope she’s okay.

By: stardustneko