TalesFromRetail: Couldn’t be Broth-ered

I have recently been promoted to a mini-management position at my Big-Retailer-Store so I’ve been training at the service desk for a hot minute when this genius of a lady shows up.

She’s perfectly nice and everything, comes up to exchange one of those cartons of Beef Broth.

I tell her I’ll hold it at the desk for her while she gets what she needs. The lid to the broth carton was knocked off, which was the reason for the exchange.

Ten or fifteen minutes later she comes up with another carton of broth and some cans. The following conversation is Me for me of course and Ridiculous Broth Lady as RBL.

RBL: “You should really tell your grocery department that somebody has gone through the broth and popped the inner seal.”

RBL: “I opened four of them and they were all broken!”

Me: “I will definitely tell the grocery manager this, thank you.”

RBL shows me the other carton of broth that was not the return, twists off the lid and shows me how the inner seal is – in fact – broken.

RBL: “I just decided to get cans instead.”

I thought fair enough, I do the exchange. But after I looked at the broth carton she had brought over again I noticed something on the box.

The top of the carton, right next to the lid, said the following words:


I turned to RBL and informed her of this, and she just gave me this dumb look.

Me: “If you twist off the cap it breaks the inner seal, it’s an easy mistake to make though.” (No it’s not).

She looks at the box and looks at me.

RBL: “No, I don’t think so.”

What…. do you mean you don’t think so? It’s right there. On the box. Your abject denial of this fact does not make it any less of a fact.

RBL: “I’m sorry if I really [broke four good packages of broth] though!”

She walks away and I call our grocery manager, who is just as distressed by this as I am but at least he laughed.

TL;DR: A lady returned broth goes to get more and instead breaks open four packages of broth because she didn’t read the top: TWISTING CAP OFF BREAKS INNER SEAL

By: DadJokeWitch