TalesFromRetail: “I’m sorry, but a prison wrist tag is not a legal form of ID.”

I used to work overnights at Wallyworld so many of my stories are antics from the after-dark customers. Most are nice people and wacky regulars. A portion of them are druggies, or people just getting out of prison, like the one in this tale.

It was a quiet night before the 2 am cut off for alcohol sales. I had a couple people at the 10 items or less register and a kinda scruffy guy walks up with a 12 pack of coors and patiently waits in line. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I finally get to him, scan the pack, and since he looked younger than 40, asked for his ID. He pulls up the sleeve on his flanel coat and shows me his prison wrist tag. It had his name, birthday, and a lot of other info typed in. I had a feeling this kind of tag was only used in prisons as ID and no one has told me that we could take this kind of info, I had to decline, apologize, and asked for another form of ID.

Customer: “It is the only ID I have and this is from the State Penn! Please give me the beer.”

Me: “I am sorry, but the tag is not a legal form we can accept. I can call the manager up here for you.”

Customer stomps out. My managers got a laugh when I told him later.

By: Yarnie2015