TalesFromRetail: Someone stole for about 30 dollars of items

I work at a pretty big supermarket (always minimum 10 at work I had been sitting behind the counter for about 2 hours so my thoughts were constantly drifting off. I checked all the customers things in (which was about 30 dollars worth of items) and looked to my right wondering what was behind the drawer I was looking at. Meanwhile the guy who I thought was paying for his stuff had collected it all and then left without paying.

When I noticed this about 1 minute later he was gone I immediately left my chair and went out of the store to try and find him but he was of course gone.

Then I went in to the store and told my manager. He immediately checked the security cameras but he couldn’t see what happened because of the cameras horrible quality. After this he got mad at me for not constantly having attention on the customer and we talked about this for 15 minutes where the conversation was 80% me apologizing and 20% him looking mad. Just wanted to get this out of my system.

Fuck me ://

By: gust1609