TalesFromRetail: “Yes, that was rude.”

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I’ve been in retail management for a solid 4 years now, so I’ve seen it all. This is a very mellow story, but it just happened about 30 minutes ago so I figured I’d share.

I work for a clothing store that is mostly aimed at young adults but has been trying to appeal to an older crowd lately as they’re popularity has been declining. It used to be wildly popular a good ten years ago so they’re trying to bolster their image again. I mostly see mom’s shopping for their teenagers and college kids, but once in a while we get the older folks in looking around.

Today, a significantly older woman came in looking very disheveled and reeking of cigarette smoke. No big deal, I don’t judge. She started asking me for help finding items off the mannequin and needing a fitting room. No problem, that’s my job. Then, out of no where in the middle of a seemingly pleasant conversation, she says, “you guys used to have such nice stuff! What happened?!” My associate and I just stare at her, and I respond with a simple, “Oh, you don’t like it?” And point to the shirt she’s literally been raving about in her hand. Without missing a beat she just starts laughing and leans in all chummy, “oh that was a pretty rude thing to say wasn’t it?”

Nahh, it’s cool. Keep slinging low-key insults. I’ll keep helping your ratchet ass, because I know you’re still going to buy it.

By: becs391