TalesFromTheFrontDesk: a behind the desk conversation

I covered for someone I adore yesterday because he was sick. We ended up having this conversation.

Me:So I have a random question.

CW: Shoot.

Me: Do you ever feel like your soul died?

CW: my girlfriend wants to break up with me because our schedule sucks. I absolutely do not give a fuck about anything but money and I don’t really care about anything else, at all

Me: so this is what death feels like?

CW: I’ll tell you what, when I get back to hell from lunch you can go home. It all evens out and I feel like shit for asking you to come in.

Me: But I already bought pizza for you!

CW: even better. I’ll go take a nap in my car, try not to punch someone or shit myself and you can still go home early. I honestly just want to make yesterday up to you and watch baseball.

Me: Cool. Soulless assholes who wanna watch baseball. We’re okay

CW: fuck yeah. Call me in 30 minutes I’m burnt.

And true to his word he let me out early and I bought him dinner.

By: queenofcambodia