TalesFromTheFrontDesk: But I Have A Reservation!

I’ve just finished a back to back (2 hours sleep, record wooo), in which I’ve been training the new guy and having to do my usual work as we’re understaffed and it’s the busiest day of our week. I thought I’d share the highlight of my day, which made me want to curl up under the desk and cry a bit because it was one of those days. M – Me. SL – stupid lady.

M: Good Morning IDesparatelyNeedSleep Hotel, this is pizzaandpuns, how can I help you?

SL: I have a booking for this date, but I actually need it for that date.

M: sighs with anticipation knowing what is about to go down Okay, and how did you make the booking, through us direct or online through a third party?

SL: Booking.com.

M: Alright, well all changes to your reservation need to be made through Booking.com and not us as they’re you’re agent, we cannot change anything until they do.

SL: Well we did that, but their saying the date we want isn’t available, on the 25th.

M: * pulls up room plan* That’s right I can see here we are fully booked that day, so that’s why they can’t amend the booking.

SL: No, you don’t understand, we have a reservation.

M: Yes m’am, for the 26th. We have no rooms on the 25th, we’re fully booked.

SL: but I have a reservation! I booked my room for the 26th because it wouldn’t let me book the 25th, so I need you to change it to the 25th.

M: sick of being polite and this shit M’am, you need to understand your booking is for the 26th. You have reserved your room for that day only, it doesn’t entitle you to stay any other day you’d like. You can’t book the 25th because there are physically no rooms available for you to. Now, you can either cancel this reservation and go online and rebook another property or you can leave it as it is.

SL: “Well that’s just terrible! You’re so unhelpful, I never wanted to stay and your crappy property anyway! hangs up

Some people….

By: pizzaandpuns